Reveal is prompting for a license key on every launch


Users who have been using licensed versions of Reveal prior to version 25 may be shown a warning on every launch stating that the currently activated license is only valid for an older version of Reveal, and then be asked to re-enter their license key, despite the app having been activated previously.


This is a known defect in Reveal’s migration of existing DevMate-based licenses to our new Paddle-based license back-end.


  1. Download a copy of Reveal v24 from
  2. Launch Reveal v24.
  3. Go to Reveal > License Information > License.
  4. Deactivate the installed license by clicking Unlink Device.
  5. (Skip this step if you already have Reveal v27)
    Download a copy of Reveal v27 from
  6. Open Reveal v27 and enter the license key.


Reveal no longer prompts for a license key on the next launch after completing the workaround.