Supporting iOS 14 Permission Changes

iOS, iPadOS and tvOS version 14 introduce changes to their permissions model for Bonjour that may require you to specify additional capabilities for your app before it will be allowed to communicate with the Reveal desktop app.

If you use the bundled script in Reveal version 27 or later to integrate Reveal, the following property list key will be added/appended to automatically on build. Instructions for doing this are included in the Load Reveal Server via an Xcode Breakpoint → Debugging on device support article.

If you want to add this key yourself manually, do the following:

Add NSBonjourServices to your Info.plist

Specify NSBonjourServices in your Info.plist to allow local network discovery to succeed on iOS 14.

You will need to add _reveal._tcp as a service for device discovery to work properly.


Please be mindful that if you ship this with your app to users, they may be asked to approve connections to local network devices even if your app doesn't make any. We strongly recommend you script this key's addition or removal based upon your project's build configuration, and only leave it in for debug builds.