I have a custom Xcode build configuration name, and Reveal doesn't load

If your Xcode project uses configuration names other than "Debug" and "Release", RevealServer may fail to load automatically. 

To work around this issues, you will need to set the REVEAL_LOAD_FOR_CONFIGURATION environment variable to the full name of your configuration. 

  1. Navigate to Xcode's build settings for your target, and add a "User-Defined Setting":
  2. Enter "REVEAL_LOAD_FOR_CONFIGURATION" as the name of the setting, then expand it - you will see a row for each of your project's configurations. For any of the configurations that you want Reveal to load, set the value to "$(CONFIGURATION)". Please be sure not to set this for your release/production configurations!
  3. If you haven't already added a build phase to load Reveal, you should follow the instructions at Load Reveal Server via an Xcode Breakpoint - scroll down to the section titled "Debugging on device".