My app is hanging on launch under Xcode 13 and iOS/tvOS 15

iOS and tvOS 15 introduce changes to the way that applications start that adversely impact how Reveal Server loads in these new releases. 

These hanging at launch issues are addressed in Reveal version 30 and later, so upgrade to that version when you can.

You will still need to manually update the breakpoint symbol that you are using as described below:

Loading Reveal Server via an Xcode Breakpoint

For users who are loading Reveal Server into their app via an Xcode breakpoint, your app may hang when launching your app under iOS or tvOS 15 or later.

If your app is hanging on launch with Reveal injected, and you're running on iOS or tvOS 15, you will need to update the injection breakpoint that you're using.

We recommend all users follow these steps to update their breakpoint integration:

  1. Open your iOS or tvOS project in Xcode, and select View → Navigators → Show Breakpoint Navigator.

  2. Find your existing symbolic breakpoint for UIApplicationMain, then right click it and choose "Edit Breakpoint…"

  3. Enter -[UIApplication _run] into the Symbol field, replacing any previous contents. 

  4. If there is anything in the Module field, delete it.
  5. Relaunch your app - Reveal Server should start as expected. 

Linking Reveal Server into your app

For users who are linking Reveal Server directly into their app, your app may hang when launching, and also when being run via Xcode's testing tools when launching your app under iOS and tvOS 15 or later.

There is no interim workaround for this method of integration - you will need to update to Reveal version 30 or later.