Which license should I choose?

Reveal is offered under two different licences. We've provided a summary below to help you figure out which one is best for you, but full and complete details are available in the Reveal EULA.

Personal License

Personal Licences can used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. They can only be purchased by, and are assigned to, named individuals. If you are purchasing a license on behalf of a company, you need to purchase one or more Commercial Seat Licenses. The Personal License is perfect for freelance developers, indies or those working in a company who simply want to own their own tools and take them with them to their next gig. A single Personal License can be installed on 2 computers (laptop and desktop, for example).

Commercial Seat

The Commercial Seat License is for companies, commercial institutions, government agencies and business entities. A license must be purchased for each employee who uses Reveal. Commercial Seat Licences can be transferred between employees with written consent. For example, if an employee who had been assigned a license leaves the company, the license can be reassigned to another employee. Commercial Seat Licenses differ from Personal Licenses in that they are owned by the company, not the individual.