Unable to inspect UIAlertViews in Reveal under iOS 7

In iOS 6 the UIApplication windows property returned a window containing the UIAlertView, which allowed Reveal to inspect and display the UIAlertView.


In iOS 7 the windows property no longer returns the the window containing the UIAlertView, so Reveal is unable to inspect or display it.


From the iOS 7 UIApplication documentation:

"This property contains the UIWindow objects currently associated with the app. This list does not include windows created and managed by the system, such as the window used to display the status bar."

If you collapse the UIScreen node in the outline view you will be able to see the alert view in the canvas, but you cannot inspect the underlying views. You are able to see the alert view because the technique we use to capture the bitmap for the UIScreen also captures system windows.


This issue has been resolved in Reveal 2, since it now also allows you to inspect "internal" windows in your application.