Reveal Keyboard Shortcuts and Modifiers

Symbol Key Symbol Key
Command Left Arrow
Shift Right Arrow
Option Return
^ Control


Action Effect
Click & Drag Canvas Rotate Canvas (in 3D mode)
Mouse-Over Canvas Item Highlight
Click Canvas Item Select
Double-Click Canvas Item Focus on an Item (Drill-down)
⌥ Click Canvas Item Collapse/Expand Item
⌥⇧ Click Canvas Item Collapse/Expand Item (including all children)
⌘ Click Canvas Item Select Item Behind Currently Selected Item
⇧⌘ Click Canvas Item Select Item in Front of Currently Selected Item
⌘ Scroll Wheel Up/Down Zoom Out/In
⌥⌘ Scroll Wheel Up/Down Adjust Item Separation


Action Effect
Two-finger Pan Pan Canvas
⌥ Two-Finger Pan Rotate Canvas
Pinch Zoom Canvas
⌥ Pinch Adjust Item Separation


The most up to date and comprehensive source of available keyboard shortcuts is always the Reveal menu bar
but for quick reference and your printing pleasure here are the Reveal specific keyboard shortcuts.

View Menu

Action Effect
⌘R Refresh View Hierarchy
⌘K Show/Hide Connection Sheet
⌘L Show/Hide View Hierarchy Outline Pane
⌥⌘L Show/Hide Auto Layout Constraints and Guides
⌘I Show/Hide Inspectors Pane
⌥⌘1 Show Application Inspector
⌥⌘2 Show Identity Inspector
⌥⌘3 Show Attributes Inspector
⌥⌘4 Show Layout Inspector

Canvas Menu


Action Effect
⌘E Reset Canvas View to Default Position
⌘0 Zoom to Actual Size
⌘9 Zoom to Fit
⌘8 Zoom to Selection
⌘+ Zoom In
⌘- Zoom Out
⌥⌘. Increase Item Separation
⌥⌘, Decrease Item Separation

Canvas View Modes

Action Effect
⌘1 Show Wireframes
⌘2 Show Content
⌘3 Show Wireframes + Content
⌘4 2D View
⌘5 3D View
⌘6 Show/Hide Hidden Items
⇧⌘T Show/Hide System Windows and Views
Action Effect
^⌘← Back in Focus History
^⌘→ Forward in Focus History
⌘⏎ Focus on Selected Item
⌥⌘← Back in Selection History
⌥⌘→ Forward in Selection History
⌘[ Select Parent
⌘] Select First Child
⌘; Select Previous Sibling
⌘' Select Next Sibling
⌘F Filter Items
⌘G Select Next Match
⇧⌘G Select Previous Match
⌘D Select Next Issue
⇧⌘D Select Previous Issue

iOS Simulator

When the iOS Simulator is the foreground active application pressing the following
keyboard shortcuts will launch (if it is not already running) and initiate
the specified command. For the command to succeed the application running in the
Simulator must have the Reveal library loaded/linked and the Reveal server started.

Action Effect
⇧⌘E Refresh View Hierarchy

If necessary this keyboard shortcut can be changed in the Keyboard System Preferences Panel.