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info's Avatar

Inject Reveal into OSX application

resolved 2 10 Oct, 2014 03:33 PM by info
colinhumber's Avatar

Can't connect to device running iOS 8 from Xcode 6.0.1, Mavericks

resolved 16 10 Oct, 2014 02:46 PM by colinhumber
Fergal Reilly's Avatar

UITextEffectsWindow obscuring all controls

resolved 2 07 Oct, 2014 07:35 AM by Fergal Reilly
Sebastien Arbogast's Avatar

EXC_BREAKPOINT crash when connecting to my app with Reveal

open 3 03 Oct, 2014 01:41 PM by Sam Page
Oksana Kovalchuk's Avatar

Crash inside the framework

resolved 13 03 Oct, 2014 02:38 AM by Oksana Kovalchuk
ceo's Avatar

Can't connect to my iOS App

resolved 9 02 Oct, 2014 01:53 AM by Tony Arnold
georgecookontheroad's Avatar

how to hide a window?

open 1 30 Sep, 2014 07:53 PM by Sam Page
k_malkic's Avatar

IBARevealRequestStart cause the app to not run

open 1 30 Sep, 2014 03:24 PM by Sam Page
dburr's Avatar

Symbol not found: NSNetService when deploying to iOS 7.x device using Xcode 6 DP (but deploying to iOS 8 devices works fine)

resolved 5 25 Sep, 2014 04:27 PM by Hery Ratsimihah
Tunay YILMAZ's Avatar

.ipa file won't open in my iphone when I delete reveal from flag.

open 1 19 Sep, 2014 09:08 PM by Sam Page
Brett N's Avatar

Reveal 1.0.5: connects to simulator but not to iPod touch

resolved 6 19 Sep, 2014 03:48 AM by Tony Arnold
janineanne's Avatar

"UISearchBar is not key value coding-compliant for the key spellCheckingType"

resolved 4 16 Sep, 2014 03:58 AM by Sean Woodhouse
Rogelio Mendoza's Avatar

iOS8 beta support for Reveal and UISearchBar

resolved 3 15 Sep, 2014 05:39 AM by Tony Arnold
Lee Laborczfalvi's Avatar

Reveal not working with iOS8 simulator

resolved 4 15 Sep, 2014 05:24 AM by Tony Arnold
Aditya's Avatar

Installing on a new mac

open 1 30 Aug, 2014 10:46 AM by Sean Woodhouse
jim.malak's Avatar

Support for multiple versions of Xcode

resolved 6 28 Aug, 2014 02:34 PM by jim.malak
Andy Dent's Avatar

How does Reveal decide its layering? Weird example

open 1 27 Jul, 2014 02:28 AM by Sean Woodhouse
Ortwin Gentz's Avatar

UIAlertView not displayed

resolved 2 09 Jul, 2014 12:20 AM by Adam Eberbach
Gary Zion's Avatar

After Test, Still No Connection

open 6 08 Jul, 2014 12:11 AM by Adam Eberbach
brennan's Avatar

Reveal no longer shows me the views

open 2 02 Jul, 2014 05:22 AM by Adam Eberbach
Benjamin Wheeler's Avatar

No connection

resolved 6 01 Jul, 2014 11:25 AM by Sean Woodhouse
Chris Gummer's Avatar

Reveal causes app to crash

open 1 25 Jun, 2014 11:41 PM by Sam Page
Morten Holm's Avatar

'-[UITextView isSecureTextEntry]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0xe40e000'

resolved 7 19 Jun, 2014 12:33 AM by Development Department
Jingting 's Avatar

reveal does not showing images

open 1 14 Jun, 2014 04:48 AM by Oliver Jones
Andrew Lin's Avatar

First Use, Static Library Framework Integration Issue

open 1 13 Jun, 2014 02:08 PM by Oliver Jones
hecktorzr's Avatar

Bug: mouse + trackpad

open 1 11 Jun, 2014 11:23 PM by Sam Page
Hakan Kocakli's Avatar

license purchase

open 1 10 Jun, 2014 06:47 PM by Sean Woodhouse
RIchard's Avatar

Connection only shows iOS Emulator but not real devices

resolved 3 09 Jun, 2014 11:29 PM by Sam Page
Maryrose Beirne's Avatar

reveal.framework missing

resolved 1 29 May, 2014 08:43 PM by Peter Goldsmith
joosonmao's Avatar

Reveal app not showing any content in the middle(os is 10.8.5)

resolved 7 15 May, 2014 04:11 AM by Oliver Jones

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